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Back End Development

Back End :The  Brain behind all your web and mobile applications

In software development, only focusing on the look and feel of the application is not good practise, the brain of working application is also important and hence Back end development plays a crucial part. Back End development is the brain of system which completes the desired process. Many of the times it seems easy to obtain what you are looking for through your enterprise application but its back end development is also crucial. 
Work of back end developer varies greatly with the size and scope of the application.Often, front-end developers will build a user interface, and back-end developers will write code that makes it all work.

A back-end developer might also be heavily involved in the architecture of a system, deciding how to organize the logic of the system so that it can be maintained and run properly. Yet they do it modestly, without any hype allowing end users to user their favorite websites without even letting know about the hectic coding work they put in.

Databases, data processing functionality, content management systems, and other necessary components to keep the application running are part of Back end development services. Hence it is necessary to use the latest technology to ensure back end system is built to match the performance.

Backend for Mobile Apps

Our resources have the ability to take your UI structures and convert into undeniable versatile applications. We have mastery in everything from making dynamic web applications to making services for your native applications.

Backend for Web Apps

Just in case , you have an in-house group of front end engineers and Designers who need assistance with back end advancement then Whiz IT is here to help. We work with your resources and plans to convey the required functioning that they would then be able to mainstream in the working.

API Integration & Development

Here and there you may require an engineer to just make or devour service delivery and furnish coordination with your current applications. We have a ton of expertise in different APIs also making of custom APIs from existing information stores.

Technology Stack

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