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Big Data

The term Big Data is a buzzword nowadays which has no specific format and defies traditional storage system. The data can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured and generated faster than ever. Machine-generated data like data recorded from sensor and logs are also becoming part of big data having more magnitude then human-generated data.

Though Apache Hadoop is a popular framework for distributed storage and batch-processing engine, other tools/frameworks are also necessary to support the entire ecosystem and data processing cycle. 

All major industries including Telecom, Oil & natural, Pharmaceuticals and many others have started using big data processing/analysis using Hadoop and its ecosystem for intricate analysis of data across the entire dimension for future strategic decision.

WhizIT technical expertise for your voyage to Big Data processing and analyzing boundary-less Data Ocean. We can be hand-holding, solution provider, assist in decision making on the adoption of various open-source frameworks, tools etc those will be needed in different phases of big data processing life cycle.

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